Shayne Ritter:

As a husband and a father I have learned for myself that no matter what our responsibilities and commitments may be, we can always make the time to live a healthy lifestyle.  It is important to me to help my clients see the value of healthy living and to help them achieve this regardless of their schedules.  I strive to deliver constantly changing and progressively challenging exercise to my clients.  While I do ensure that sessions are challenging, it is also important for me to make them as fun and enjoyable as possible.  I believe in sticking to the tried and true fundamentals of training to deliver a safe, effective, and well balanced fitness program.






Feras Dleikan:

I believe fitness should be made a part of one’s daily life, not an afterthought or something that you save for when you have nothing else to do.  Having an active lifestyle has completely changed the way I feel about myself and how I live my life.  When I first began exercising my goal was to lose weight and get in shape.  After having lost over 50 pounds, my self-esteem and confidence dramatically improved.  From that point on it has been my goal to open my own fitness facility and help others to achieve their own fitness goals.  My passion lies in helping my clients to make being healthy and active a manageable part of their daily lives.


Mark Poitras:

I have a diverse health and fitness background making me comfortable dealing with all clients regardless of age, gender, or goals.  I believe that every clients programming and nutrition should be uniquely constructed in a way that caters to both their goals and their lifestyle.  I am dedicated to helping my clients identify the obstacles in their lives that are preventing them from achieving their goals and helping them to overcome them.  Whether this entails improving their knowledge base, providing motivation or other forms of support my goal is to help them build a foundation for a future of healthy living.  Fitness is not something that you achieve and then quit; it’s a lifestyle change and an ongoing commitment.

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